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To intercept poverty on college campuses by helping low income students overcome financial roadblocks


To empower low income students to focus on school without worrying about financial needs.


To provide emergency relief funds to deserving students at UC Berkeley. We will do this by partnering with Scholarship America to give out emergency grants no more than $700. We need to raise $50,000 to get the program up and running. This will help students pay for expenses such as bills, rent, food, etc. College has always been expensive and tough but with the Covid-19 Pandemic added to the equation low-income students are even more likely to drop out due to lack of resources.

Any questions or concerns please feel free to email          

Elijah Hicks Cal Football defensive back and founder of Intercept Poverty Foundation spends his free time volunteering at the UC Berkeley Food Pantry, an emergency food assistance and relief program available to all students and some staff members. Watch to see how his vision came into fruition.


  • According to U.S Department of Education 56% of students from the highest- income quartile  complete college, while only 9% of students from the lowest quartile earns a college degree​

Student vs. Non-Student

  • Students enrolled in school in the U.S have a poverty rate 20.1% 

  • Not enrolled in school in the U.S have a poverty rate of 12.2% 

College and Beyond

  • Enrolled in Undergraduate​​ School in the U.S have a poverty rate of 23.4%

  • Enrolled in Graduate or Professional School in the United States have a Poverty Rate of 17.2%.

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